Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)
Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)
Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)
Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)
Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)
Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)
Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)
Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)

Bruno Styling Handy Steamer (Greige)

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  • Super lightweight only 750g
  • Powerful steam output at 18g/min/1000W fast heat up in 25 seconds
  • Removable water tank for 130g of water
  • Every refill can steam 3 shirts
  • Extra long 3m power cord

I am busy with work every day, and I want to dress upright and close when I want to go out, but I don’t have time to take out my iron and ironing board? BRUNO's new STYLING HANDY STEAMER portable garment steamer, the garment ironing design does not require an ironing board, and the body is lightweight and fatigue-free. A light sweep on the clothes can quickly remove wrinkles and odors! Furniture that is easy to accumulate bacteria and difficult to clean in the home can also be easily disinfected with steam, killing 99% of bacteria, and removing common odors in life, including sweat, musty, pet and food odors, and smoke.

〖3 thoughtful designs〗

  • The appearance is easy to operate: the handle design is easy to grasp, and the small palm can hold it properly. The center of gravity is placed at the bottom of the product, which can greatly reduce the burden on the wrist.
  • Convenient water injection: water injection device is attached to make water injection easier and faster. During use, the machine body will not drip or splash, and the operation is safer.
  • Two steam modes: According to the wrinkle condition and the material of the clothes, you can select two steam injection modes, "LO mode" and "HI mode".

〖Quickly iron clothes〗

  • Abundant water tank capacity: The body is small and the water tank capacity is about 130 ml, which can iron 3 pieces of clothing. ・Quick start steam function: steam can be sprayed in about 25 seconds after power on, and it takes less than 1 minute to remove wrinkles!

〖Comes with 2 practical accessories〗

  • Brush accessories: suitable for processing heavy odor-absorbing long sweaters, and can easily remove dust.
  • Light clothing accessories: suitable for processing silk or knitwear that is not suitable for direct contact with heat sources.


Place of Manufacture: China

Type (Dry/Steam/Steam Brush/Vertical Steamer/Cordless/Travel): Vertical Steamer

Power consumption (W): Below 1,200 W

Soleplate Material: Others

Steam Output ( g/min ): 18

Vertical Steaming Function: Yes

Jet Steam: N/A

Water Spray: N/A

Anti-Drip Function: N/A

Anti-Calc Function: N/A

Self-Clean Function: N/A

Adjustable Steam Control: N/A

Plate material: N/A

Water Tank Capacity ( ml ): 130g

Detachable Water Tank: Yes

Power Cord Length (m ): 3

Accessories: Yes

Dimension (Wx H xD mm): 93x217x110

Warranty Covering Region: Hong Kong

Warranty Inforamtion: 1-year warranty

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