Sharp FP-H30A-B 180m³/h Air Purifier

Sharp FP-H30A-B 180m³/h Air Purifier

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Specified Air Purifiers Meeting Specifications for Use in Dine-in Catering Premises


High-density Plasmacluster Ion
- Plasmacluster Ion Generating Unit generates high-density Plasmacluster Ion
- Inactivate airborne viruses, bacteria and allergens
- Suppress growth of mold
- Remove odor

HEPA Filter with Microbial Control
- 99.97%*1 dust collection rate
- Collect tiny dust, cigarette smoke*2 and pollen
- Restrain growth of microbes

Active Carbon Filter
- Powerful deodorizing ability
- Remove various kinds of odors, such as cigarette smoke*2, garbage odor, pet odor

Special "ION SHOWER" Operating Mode
- Discharge concentrated Plasmacluster Ion in a shower-like pattern into the air for 15 minutes
- Inactivate airborne viruses, mold and allergens effectively
- Inactivate airborne irritants brought from outside
- Purify household dust

*1 Dust collection efficiency of the filter for 0.3 micron particles.

*2 Toxic substances found in smoke, such as carbon monoxide, cannot be removed

Applicable Floor Area (m²/ft²):    22 / 237      
Air Purifying System: HD Plasmacluster Ion (HD PCI)      
PCI Density (ions/cm³): 7,000      
Filter (Life): HEPA Filter (2 years)
Active Carbon Deodorizing Filter (2 years)       
Fan Speed: sleep middle high
Airflow Volume (m³/hour): 60/120/180
Power Consumption (W): 13/30/50
Noise Level (dBA): 23/36/44
Dimensions (W x H x D) (mm): 431 x 411 x 211      
Weight (kg): 4.2  
Color: White      
Origin Country: Thailand      

2 year warranty
4/F, DCH Building, 20 Kai Cheung Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon

Air Purifier / Ion Generator warranty does not include air-filter or machine cleaning. 

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