YA-MAN Photo Plus EX Eye Pro (Pink/White) (HRF-20W-EYE-HK)

YA-MAN Photo Plus EX Eye Pro (Pink/White) (HRF-20W-EYE-HK)

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  • Estimate earliest delivery date: the end of September - early October 2020
  • 6-in-1 aging care facial device (Clean, Moisture ion, EMS up, RF, Red LED, Cool)
  • NEW Warmth RF x Micro Current "Eye Lift Technology" enables delicate eye-based aging care
  • Dual Ring Electrode makes it possible to warm a large area deeply, and offer a full-scale treatment easily
  • Facial muscle care power up with double wave EMS (medium and low frequency)

  • Full-scale multi-functional facial treatment device that can treat up to the eye muscles with eye lift RF technology and double wave EMS
  • Same function as Photo Plus Lavender but with warming eyecaremode and different color
  • Made in Japan
  • Modes: Clean, Moisture, EMS Up, RF LED, Cool and warming eye care


Ya-man's own double ring electrode
By using Photo Plus, your skin's moisture will increase by about 12%.




1 Years Warranty

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