OCBC Credit Gift Redemption

Congratulations on your successful application with OCBC Credit for the decoration loan!

每個指定的客戶都可換購一件 Dyson Pure Cool™ 空氣清新機 TP00 或以獨家換購價格換購以下指定產品之一。


零售價 $3,480

[換購價 $200]
零售價 $3,680

[換購價 $200]

零售價 $3,680

[換購價 $308]

零售價 $3,788


1. The Gift Card is eligible for designated customer of OCBC Credit (Hong Kong) Limited only. Each designated customer is entitled to ONE set of Gift Card code, for redeeming ONE gift item for ONCE only.

2. You should redeem the gift items at the exclusive Jebsen Corporate Solutions official website (https://corpsolutions.jebsenconsumer.com/pages/new-owhc-gift-redemption ) for OCBC Credit Limited designated customer within 60 days upon issuance of the Gift Card. Gift Card not activated will be void on the 61st day. The owner will be deemed to have forfeited the right for redemption.


4. 換購產品供應視乎供應商庫存而定。

5. 禮品包括由收貨日起計2年內在香港的保養服務。閣下需自行保留送貨時附上之保養卡 (如有) 及送貨單,方可享用保養服務。

6. OCBC Credit Limited and Jebsen Consumer Products Co. Ltd reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice. Should any dispute arise, the decision of OCBC Credit (Hong Kong) Limited and Jebsen Consumer Products Co. Ltd shall be final.