OCBC Wing Hang Credit Gift Redemption

Congratulations on your successful application with OCBC Wing Hang Credit for the decoration loan!

Each designated customer is entitle to redeem ONE piece Dyson Cool™ Tower Fan AM07 (White/Silver) or Purchase ONE of the below products at exclusive redemption price.


Retail Price $ 2,680

[Redemption Price $ 800]
Retail Price $ 3,480

[Redemption Price $ 1,000]

Retail Price $ 3,680

[Redemption Price $ 1,500]

Retail Price $ 4,180

Gift Redemption Terms and Conditions

1. The Gift Card is eligible for designated customer of OCBC Wing Hang Credit Limited only. Each designated customer is entitled to ONE set of Gift Card code, for redeeming ONE gift item for ONCE only.

2. You should redeem the gift items at the exclusive Jebsen Corporate Solutions official website (https://corpsolutions.jebsenconsumer.com/pages/owhc-gift-redemption-2) for OCBC Wing Hang Credit Limited designated customer within 60 days upon issuance of the Gift Card. Gift Card not activated will be void on the 61st day. The owner will be deemed to have forfeited the right for redemption.

3. The Gift Card is non-refundable, non-transferrable and not exchangeable for cash or items, and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. The activated Gift Card or redeemed gift item cannot be exchanged for cash, revoked or canceled. No refund will be made under any circumstances.

4. Products are available while stocks last.

5. The gift entitles a 2-year warranty in Hong Kong since the date of receipt. You should complete the guarantee registration at Jebsen Consumer Warranty Registration webpage, and keep the warranty card & delivery note hard copies, in order to enjoy the guarantee service.

6. OCBC Wing Hang Credit Limited and Jebsen Consumer Products Co. Ltd reserve the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without prior notice. Should any dispute arise, the decision of OCBC Wing Hang Credit Limited and Jebsen Consumer Products Co. Ltd shall be final.

7. The images are for reference only.