Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock SKU: B121PGD829_GY
Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock
Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock
Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock
Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock
Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock
Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock
Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock
Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock

Lockly Secure Lux Mortise Edition Smart Door Lock

Smart Door Lock SKU: B121PGD829_GY
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*Standard Installation Included

Enter your home with LOCKLY® Secure Lux Mortise Lock. Designed with 5-in-1 access: 3D fingerprint, smart card, smartphone Bluetooth App, patented digital keypad or with a backup mechanical key. 

LOCKLY® Lux Mortise Lock is the perfect and most secure door lock for families living in the urban city and deluxe apartments. With its sleek design, you will enter your home in style. 

Lockly Secure Lux Mortise


Smart Security Solutions

FPC Fingerprint Sensor: Exceptionally advanced capacitive sensor which analyzes and creates algorithm based on fingerprint cross ridges. Stores up to 99 fingerprints in the memory of the lock and authenticates in less than 0.5sec to unlock. This low energy sensor captures high precision fingerprints and only authenticates active human touch thus prevents imitation access made of rubber, paper, film, silicon, etc., This sensor is not susceptible to false reading caused by sunlight, humidity and other environmental elements.
BLE AES256 App Control: LOCKLY® is built with a 256-bit encryption Bluetooth device. Enjoy a highly secure, seamless Bluetooth connectivity between your door and smartphone. Unlock and Lock your door with ease. Compared to other Wi-Fi connected smart locks, a Bluetooth smart lock is not as prone to hacking. No Internet or mobile data is needed to access. Download LOCKLY® Smart Lock App on iOS or Android App Stores to connect and set-up you door lock.
PIN Genie® Peek-proof Digital Keypad: With a patented peek-proof digital touchscreen, PIN Genie®, you can be sure no one can spy your access codes. PIN Genie® technology reshuffles the all the numbers after each use. The numbers are set into different button keys and positions. It leaves no patterns and trace of codes.
RFID Smartcard: Register and activate the smartcards included in the package/box. Manage or delete access of each registered cards.
Offline Access Code(OAC™): Grant access to your door with offline Access Code (OAC™). Create OAC™ and remotely share via email or text when guests need to access door. Guest do not need to download an App, yet their condition of stay and access to your property is controlled by you anytime, from anywhere in the world. The lock is not connected to Internet thus unhackable. OAC™ expires once used or after the pre-set validity period.

LOCKLY® Smart Lock APP / Download Link:

PIN Genie Smart lock IOS AppPIN Genie Smart lock Android App

Remote Code Management: Share encrypted eKeys containing detailed information such as duration of stay, initial entry, multiple or single authorizations, etc., to your guests. Send it over email or text to enable them to enter your home using a smartphone to unlock your door.
Monitor Access History: Monitor the unlock history of your door on your phone. Receive push notifications on your smartphone when temporary access codes are used to enter your home. All entry record contains user information. Even a fingerprint, smartphone or access code entry is recorded according to the user's profile name. For security and convenience, in case some user profiles no longer required to access the lock, their access can be deleted and replaced.
Master Code: One master code which can control other user code. Useful in office, Airbnb hosting, and rented properties.
Wireless Access: The APP operates without internet or mobile data. Download Lockly Smart Lock App on iOS or Android App Stores to connect. Grant access to your door via offline temporary eKeys. Create temporary eKeys and remotely share eKeys via email or text when guests need to access door. eKeys expire on pre-set time duration. No need for Wifi access for host and guest thus eliminates the risk and potential online hacking.

Enhanced Security Features

Auto Lock/ Auto Relock: When door is closed, there is no need to lock the door manually; will be locked automatically. Time range can be from 5s-300s. When door is not opened after a valid door code, smartcard, fingerprint, Bluetooth connection is applied, it will relock on its own after 10seconds.
At Home Safe Mode: Prevents outside access by deactivating the keypad whenever you're home.
Child-proof Switch: When this button is in use, parents are assured children or pets cannot unlock door from the inside. This also provides complete security from external hacking that may occur with the use of wire or string pull the inside knob/handle.
Limited Wrong Code Entry: After three attempts to enter wrong door codes, the lock automatically deactivates. It would require a master door code to reactivate the keypad.
Panic Release Handle: Facilitates quick escape when in danger or during an emergency by pressing the inside handle down.
Robust, Highly Reliable: Designed and assembled with heavy-duty zinc alloy, stainless steel and high-impact materials. It is made with scratch resistant coating and passed salt spray rust test.
Fire-Resistant: The lock is compliant and passed fire test standard.
Backup Mechanical Key: The lock is equipped with high-quality 6-pin lock cylinder for the backup key access. Engineered with mechanical complexities for maximum security.

Convenient Features

One-Touch Lock: Allows to immediately lock with one touch anywhere on the keypad touchscreen.
Swift Switch Button: Serves as switch mode button during set up and programming to functions such as keypad touchscreen modes, access code verification and deletion.
Free-Directional Lock: Product can be adjusted and installed on doors opening on either left or right.
Battery Level Indicator: Easy to check battery status by level indicator and battery replacement blinking and beeping sound.
Mute Function: The door can be temporarily opened and quietly without any sound operation to avoid disturbing neighbors.
Operates with 4xAA Batteries: Long lasting energy saving 4 x AA batteries that are conveniently available anywhere.
9 Volt Backup Solution: Located at the front door panel of the lock which serves as backup power in case 4 XAA batteries drained.
Motor Soft Start Control Technology: We pioneered soft start technology to significantly prolong the battery life of the product. The opening and closing of the lock is a lot quieter compared to competition.
Ideal Solution for Rental Properties: Suitable for Airbnb hosting, VRBO, studios and properties. No more key duplications. Simply send 6-8 digit access codes, eKeys or OAC™ to your guests to access the door. 


Place of Manufacture: China

Fingerprint Registration: 99

PIN Code: 6-8 digits

RFID Card: 3

Mechanical Key: 5

Power Supply: AA Alkaline Batteries x 4

Door Thickness: 40-120 mm

Backset: 70mm

Emergency Power Source: 9V Battery x 1

Remote Unlock Method: Requires with Secure Link

Dimension (Wx H xD mm): 78x358x84

Warranty Covering Region: Hong Kong

Warranty Inforamtion: 2-year warranty: labour + parts + on-site support

Additional Information: *Standard Installation Included


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