Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock

SKU: S220303VP-B
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock
Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock

Philips DDL303-VP Smart Door Lock

SKU: S220303VP-B
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include basic installation#

Remote unlocking

Philips DDL303-VP integrates door viewer, doorbell, and door lock features. Stay connected via Wi-Fi and use Smart Life App for remote unlocking and lock records. Embrace a smart, convenient life without limitations!

Philips Easykey DDL303-VP-5HW push-pull door lock

Realtime's on Wi-Fi connection, always know who’s at the door

The Philips DDL303-VP-5HWS supports Wi-Fi networking. After binding the Tuya Smart Life App, you can view the lock parameters and access history, remotely generate a 6-hour valid temporary PIN code without space restriction, allowing relatives and friends to enter the door easily even if you are not at home.

One-click remote unlock, allowing easy life in one step

The"#" key is used both as a doorbell button and a "#" key. When the door lock is in sleep mode and the visitor presses the "#" key, the doorbell will ring, and the camera will immediately capture the photo and uploads it to the Tuya Smart Life App.

After viewing the log message and confirming the visitor's information, you can unlock the door remotely through the Tuya Smart Life App, allowing the visitors to enter the door at ease.

3.5-inch IPS screen, clear viewing at the doorway

The inside escutcheon of the door lock equips with a quick-open handle and a rotary knob. If an emergency leads to the malfunction of the smart door lock, it does not affect the opening of the door lock. Rotating the handle or the rotary knob allows emergency egress, which could ensure the users' safety.


Security day & night

  • Dual verificationIndoor quick opening

    The inside escutcheon of the door lock equips with a quick-open handle and a rotary knob. If an emergency leads to the malfunction of the smart door lock, it does not affect the opening of the door lock. Rotating the handle or the rotary knob allows emergency egress, which could ensure the users' safety.

  • Hidden fingerprint sensorMultiple alert function

    Featured multiple alerts such as anti-dismantling, system locking, and low battery level, Philips DDL303-VP-5HWS instantly safeguards the family and reminds you of the lock status, making you feel assured and secure.

  • C-grade lock cylinderC-grade lock cylinder

    The lock cylinder is the key component that controls the opening of the lock.   Adopted multiple anti-theft technologies with a unique design of pin tumbler and vane structure, DDL303-VP-5HWS's C-grade lock cylinder makes the technical lock-picking time exceeds 270 mins*, thus enhanced security is assured.


Build an effective and affordable smart home from zero.

  • Dual verificationUniversal structure design, fit for multiple mechanical mortises

    Philips DDL303-VP-5HWS adopts the universal structure design, which fits for multiple general mechanical mortises*. You are allowed to enjoy easy smart life without replacing the general mechanical mortise. Further, DDL303-VP-5HWS can be installed on various types of doors, such as wooden doors, security doors, and it also fits for doors equipped with concealed lock rods, allowing you to have an easy installation experience.

  • Hidden fingerprint sensor"Lock" key settings, one-key quick locking

    The"*" key is used both as a "lock" button and an "*" key. Upon normal use, the main bolt will pop out and lock automatically upon door closing. If you want to achieve instant door locking upon closing, you can wake up the keypad and long press the "*" key for 2 seconds to make the main bolt pop out immediately, realizing one-key quick locking.

  • C-grade lock cylinderMute by "0" key, leave a quiet place for the family

    The "0" key is used both as a digit button and a mute button. Long press the "0" key for 2 seconds to enable the mute mode. Without disturbing your family at night, the thoughtful design allows you to get back home in a quiet manner.


<General Terms and Conditions>
1. This warranty is valid in Hong Kong and Macau only.
2. Warranty will be provided for two years starting from the date of purchase, whereas the warranty includes free components for two years, and free on-site service for the first year.
3. Warranty will only be held when the product is installed by the company’s approved technician(s).
4. Please keep the purchase invoice and warranty card carefully. Warranty will be voided automatically for any amendment(s), alteration(s) or erasure of these documents.
5. No additional warranty card will be provided for any loss of the warranty card.
6. Additional transportation charge(s) will be incurred for any remote areas (We reserves the rights to make the final decision).
7. This warranty DOES NOT cover:
    7.1 Replacement of any external parts like the outer case, keypad, button of the product and so on; any accessories and parts that are not included in the lock body; and the mobile apps.
    7.2 Relocation of the product.
    7.3 Any damage(s) caused by misuse, careless use of the product, NOT following the instructions set by the User Manual, repair or modification of the product by unapproved personnel, Negligence, Accident, Humidity  or Natural Calamities beyond the Company’s control such as battery electrolyte leakage.
    7.4 Invalid request for service eg. The product is functioning normally.
    7.5 Product(s) installed in an outdoor or semi-outdoor area.
8. All warranty service within the warranty period shall be rendered by J Lock Company Limited only. All replacement components or parts are the properties of us.
9. If there is any alteration on the booking time made within 24 hours from the original scheduled time, or our technician cannot contact the customer for visit arrangement on the installation day, additional administration charge will be incurred for rescheduling.
10. The maximum compensation fee arises from incident that is our responsibility is 50% of the product's selling price.
11. Under emergency, if the customer cannot provide the mechanical key and our technician can only open the door by breaking it, a door opening fee will be charged.
12. If the door lock is not using the same lot of alkaline battery, no warranty will be granted, and we will not be responsible for all fees involved afterwards.

Warranty is provided by J Lock Company Ltd., the general agent of Philips EasyKey in Hong Kong and Macau. 
Customer Service Hotline:+852 3845 5683


Will be delivered on the date of installation.

  • Rural areas transportation fee:
    Tung Chung/Yan O/Park Island/Ma Wan – HK$200
    Cheunng Chau/Discovery Bay/Ping Chau/Lamma Island/Pui O/Chuk Ko Wan/Shek Kwu Chau/Hei Ling Chau/Sunshine Island/Tung Lung Chau/Sha Tau Kok after passing the gate – HK$300
    Ngong Ping 360/Mui Wo/Tai O/Sea Ranch – HK$ 400
    *Staircase fee: $55/floor after the climbing one floor


# Basic Installation: No requested to use additional accessories or special tools for installation (New door)
   "Wooden Door": The area where the lock is to be installed and the door frame are not covered by metal, glass and/or steel
•  Separate quotation is needed if the area where the lock is to be installed or the door frame has other material other than wood, please send photos of the door by WhatsApp to 51390139 for enquiry.

•  "New Door": No hole is drilled in where the door lock is to be installed

•. "Used Door": Hole has been drilled in the door lock location, and additional parts are needed for installation

•  Recommend to send photos of door and/or door lock by WhatsApp to 51390139, for quotation or scheduling of installation
•  Under normal situation, installation can be scheduled within one month after purchase
•  If installation date is need to be changed, please give notification at least 24 hours before.  Rescheduling fee is involved if notification is received on the same date of scheduled installation
•  Under extreme weather condition (Black rain signal, Typhoon no. 12 or above is hoisted or other extreme circumstances), rescheduling may be needed


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